start(ed) edito - Building an imaginary creative bridge between Lyon and London

Photography Wendy Huynh
Lyon, France to London, UK

What made you start?
The private pleasure taken in the journey of starting something is as exciting as the things we are trying to create. 

Starting something is meeting people. 
People doing what you’re doing – starting – though, in their own lanes, in their own times.
Everyone emerges from a different comfort zone.

Some people will find what you’re starting to be uninteresting. They will tell you the fashion brand you founded is silly because there are already plenty of those. Good point. 
What they fail to grasp is the journey’s richly nourishing highs and lows, winding, curving roads, and steep, rugged cliffs that feed you only once you have set foot on them.

One thought that guides us is the unspoken form of mutual respect and appreciation found between individuals who have started something on their own. This portrait series is an ode to some of the people we have met along our journey, and the amazing things they are doing. An homage to what they have started. A procession of faces that you might already know, or maybe will know one day, which we hope will inspire your next start.

Alongside photographer Wendy Huynh, we imagined a creative bridge connecting Lyon with London. As Wendy’s home base and the city where several of our good friends live, London made the ideal backdrop for this multicultural exchange as we brought our experiences from our hometown, Lyon, across the English Channel. 

Now let’s meet the starters.


Leo Gibbon & Tomi Ahmed - creatives - started shaping fragrances with IIUVO - LONDON


Thibaut Grevet - director / photographer started creating images - LYON


Nabihah Iqbal (Throwing Shade) - artist / dj / producer - started creating music - LONDON


Manoo - dj / producer - started creating music - LYON


Stephane & Emmett aka The Colour Purple / Roof Access - Dj / Radio hosts - started playing vibes on Balamii Radio & Blonded radio - LONDON
@stephanepoux / @mcroofaccess


Olivier Abry - designer - started WO&WE - LYON


Joy Miessi - artist / painter - started painting beautiful things - LONDON


Stephane Sultana - tastemaker / curator - started SUMMER - LYON